Electronic collection device


We introduce OPTOPAY, a revolutionary device designed and manufactured in Costa Rica to simplify the bus fare collection process. With its contactless reader for Mastercard and Visa cards, OPTOPAY offers a hassle-free payment experience for passengers. Equipped with a 7″ touch screen, GPS, 4G modem and QR reader, this cutting-edge device guarantees exceptional performance.


  • Contactless reader for Mastercard and Visa cards
  • 7” touch screen
  • GPS
  • Modem 4G
  • QR reader
  • Voltage drop detector
  • Auto power off function
  • 3 watts of audio
  • SDK
  • Power control
  • Bus voltage monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • Designed and manufactured in Costa Rica

Technical Specifications

CPU: Quad Core Cortex A9 1.4 GHZ



Operating System: LINUX OS

FEIG CVend plug Flex card reader

QT: Versión 5.10

Display: 7 inch Touch Screen

LCD 1280*800


EMV Conctactless Level 1

Audio: 3W

Interface of comunication: USB, RS-232, RS 485, TTL         Serial Port, HDMI, SIM CARD SLOT.

Lector QR: Customizable

Modem: 3g y 4G

Voltage: DC 8V-36V