About Optocontrol

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Optocontrol was born as a consulting company offering services of assessment and technical support to the Costa Rican transport sector. Once Optocontrol saw the sectors biggest problem which was the need to have a trustworthy tool to hace access to real data in real time. Optocontrol started developing the perfect solution to this problem. Since then, Optocontrol designs, develops and manufactures systems that offer multiple functions, used by both big and small transport companies in Latin América.

We are proud to say we count with a team of highly qualified personal that work with the highest standards of quality in order to be able to offer electronic equipment and services with high reliability that allow businesses to make their process more efficient and have their return of investment in the fastest time possible.

No matter where your company is based, Optocontrol counts with an integral system of automated passanger counting that contemplates different varieties of applications depending on government regulations that apply depending on the country you’re based in.

Optocontrol offers solutions for the control and monitoring of the amount of users entering a vehicle or even a physical space like a mall, a store, stadium, gallery, casinos and more.


Provide practical and effective solutions to help business owners have total knowledge and control over the performance of their vehicle fleet.


Innovate globally with cost-efficient solutions in different sectors.

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