We develop the solution to your problems

We develop your idea

Our comprehensive service focuses on transforming and optimizing the management of your public transport company, providing innovative and personalized solutions to address your specific needs. From protecting your revenue to improving the passenger experience, we offer a full range of services to improve your operation:

Fund diversion protection

We helped establish an approach to tackling fare evasion by implementing innovations in mobility payment and data analytics.

Passenger information systems

With our integrated systems, you can maintain real-time information about your buses, as well as work with real-time trip planning. You can even schedule your arrival times and track any key performance indicators you want.

Route planning

Schedule bus routes, track driver assignments, and get real-time analytics on how to keep your routes as efficient as possible with our data analytics reports.

Bus dispatch

Thanks to our real-time GPS tracking and monitoring, you can make real-time rescheduling of your routes. We also offer a detailed alert system to increase your operational efficiency.

Analysis of data

In any business, data is a powerful gem that can help achieve operational efficiency and performance measurement. Track your return on investment (ROI) with our real-time dashboard and reporting tools to keep track of your key performance indicators and preserve your data in your data warehouse.

Custom solutions

We offer solutions that can be customized to the specific needs of your business. We specialize in creating innovative engineering solutions for public transportation companies.